Legal aid in the service of sport

Sport, as is well known, is a recreational activity exercised mainly in leisure time; but it is also a concrete source of rights and obligations, often little known, for athletes and clubs.
The dynamics associated with the sporting phenomenon are the prerogative of JT LEX professionals. Since the reform of the world of sport (Legislative Decree 36/2021 as amended with particular reference to the sporting employment relationship) through to the rules of integrity (with particular emphasis on the fight against doping and match fixing) there are many aspects that need to be studied both in the consultancy phase and in the defence of the interests of individuals, clubs and federations.

In particular, JT LEX deals with:

  • National and International Arbitration: arbitration procedures in technical, economic, administrative and disciplinary matters. The firm employs an arbitrator from the TAS – CAS in Lausanne (Court of Arbitration for Sport), who has already been appointed in more than 160 proceedings since 2008.
  • Criminal and civil sporting offences: Liability of the sportsman, the organiser of a sports competition, the operator of a sports facility and the sports instructor with assistance and advocacy before state and sports courts.
  • Subordinate and autonomous sports work contracts: drafting of employment contracts with particular regard to football and basketball federal regulations and their regulation.
  • Regulation of professional and amateur sporting activity: Organisational and operational management and tax profiles (Law 398 of 1991).
  • Sports justice litigation and arbitration: Protection of positions relating to disciplinary offences, sports torts, membership and admissions to championships, termination of contracts and compensation for damages.
  • Sponsorship and merchandising contracts: Management of sports facilities, related regulations and organisation of competitions and events. Preparation of sponsorship contracts. Activity aimed at transferring the use of the image, name and derivative rights of professional sports persons to third parties.
  • International and EU regulation of sporting discipline: advice with particular reference to the Bosman ruling and its application in concrete cases concerning the free movement of sports workers.
  • Strategic advice on Erasmus + Sport: JT LEX, through project coordination and feasibility studies, assists in the preparation and subsequent design phase associations and public bodies interested in the programme in order to submit applications under Erasmus + Sport. Through sector professionals and the support of a specialised staff, it is possible to follow the process in all its phases including, in case of success in the call, reporting through dedicated resources.