It’s finally out ” LE MINACCE DELLO SPORT MODERNO – Guida pratica e ragionata alla lotta alla discriminazione, al doping, al match fixing e alla violenza nello sport”

Over the past decade the world of sport has faced multiple threats, such us: discrimination, doping, match fixing and violence. Clearly, those phenomena put at risk the integrity and credibility of sport, further to being a danger to athletes physical and mental health.

This publication, ” LE MINACCE DELLO SPORT MODERNO.” edited by Jacopo Tognon in collaboration with Filippo Apolloni, Sara Compagnin(both working at JT Lex) and Francesco Maraschin, provides an overview and analysis of the jurisprudence regarding those threats to sport. It looks at key cases and attempts to delineate a road to the future.

If you wish to buy the book, please visit the following link: Jacopo Tognon has more than 25 publications – the present one representing his fourth monographs. He teaches Sports Law and European Sports Policies and Integrity at the University of Padua.